Professional Grooming Services:

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Yes! We can add a little colour and fun to your dogs grooming, with safe wash out vegetable colours.

Professional Grooming for all breeds at a dogs house. Grooming your pet does not mean cutting off all the coat! Winter grooming is important to help keep them warm & healthy

Style (scissor or clippers)
Yes, we can groom your pet to the breed specific style or create something special for you.

Brush and Bath​​​​​​​​​​
Includes: thorough brushing, clean ears, remove hair from foot pads, sanitary trim, nail trim.  Medicated shampoo for problem skin

Note: size of dog, coat type, matted coats, fleas
will increase grooming time and cost.


Matted pet hair can be serious, mats pull tight on your pet's skin causing discomfort and sometimes suffering. Ouch!
Serious medical problems are caused by the lack of air circulation.
Mats prevent the coat from drying, keeping your pet damp and cold.
Hair that remains wet causes fungal infections. It would be similar to you wearing a dirty, wet, wool coat all winter. The smell on your pet and in your home is unpleasant. A Smoothie, full coat stripping with clippers.  It is incredibly difficult and delicate work to release your pet from it's hairy prison.
Frequent visits to a dogs house will solve the problem.

Healthy Ears & Eyes
Its about the health of your pet.

​How to keep your dogs ears and eyes healthy.​


Healthy Feet
Its about the health of your pet.

​How to keep your dogs feet healthy. ​

Shih Tzu Grooming​

Its about the health of your pet.