It's about the health of your pet

Feet First!​

Its how they travel, chase a ball, bounce and play. Have you picked up your dogs foot and looked at the pad, between the toes and the nails?
Some dogs have very hairy feet! on the underside pad, in the hair, I have found burrs, twigs, road tar, pine tree needles & sap to name a few bits of debris. Painful to walk on. Ouch!

Between the upper toes the hair tangles and is matted, and collects debris as well. Ouch! Mats (tightly woven hair that is naturally shed) hold moisture and promotes fungal infections. The pad deteriorates. Ouch!


Your dogs toe nails grow continuously, inside the nail is the quicke, or blood supply vein, which also grows. It is very difficult to trim very long, neglected nails with out cutting the quicke. Ouch!

I have seen toe nails grow around into the pad and cause infection. Ouch!


If the nail is not trimmed frequently, it causes the foot to splay, spread apart, causing joint pain in the foot and eventually the leg. Ouch!

Foot pads can become dry & cracked. Ouch!


Ask your groomer to keep your pets feet healthy, trimmed and clean every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent painful cracked & broken nails, stress to joints caused by inability to walk properly. Protect your home and family from scratches Relief!

Vets Best
Ingredients:Yucca, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Clove Oil and Echinacea. Anti-fungal& soothing Relief!
Bag Balm
Ingredients: hydroxyquinoline sulfate, petrolatum, lanolin antiseptic moisturize & heal Relief!

Rubber Boots protection from,snow, ice & rain, prevents licking, and keeps
medication on the foot. They really stay on. Relief!