A few words about Shih Tzu Grooming


This breed is a very sweet little companion dog, that has become a popular house pets in recent years. It is very important to teach your pup to accept thorough combing, NOT BRUSHING, twice a week.

The fine cottony coat mats quickly, as the undercoat falls out into the upper coat.
Combing is the only way to remove loose hair. Under the eyes needs to be cleaned daily. Saline solution for contact lenses from the drug store is safe, and breaks down the protein in the eye discharge, making it easier to remove.
Apply by saturating a make - up pad and squeezing the solution under the eye.
Then gently remove with a dry pad or tiny comb.
The foot pads are very hairy. Wet hair combined with the debris from the floor and yard will create a fungal breeding ground. The hair needs to be removed.


Professional Grooming will be required every 8 weeks.
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looking its best?

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